Fall competition 2023

NUFFINZ x Seehotel am Kaiserstrand competition

Conditions of participation and included services for the current competition (duration October 25th - November 1st, 2023 - 11:59 p.m.) together with the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand:

  • Hotel (4 stars, half board) for 2 nights and 2 people
  • 2x Nuffinz “The Dude Bath Robe”
  • Date: To be redeemed by March 31, 2024
  • No cash replacement possible.

1. Organizer

Unless otherwise announced during the competition, the organizer is NUFFINZ GmbH, Wälderstr. 61, 6900 Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria, hereinafter “organizer”.

2. Participation and winnings

2.1. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to these provisions and conditions of participation.

2.2 The prize and the process of the competition, such as the participation period or type of prize, depend on the respective competition and are described directly there.

2.3. The winner will be identified and contacted within five working days after the end of the respective participation period. If a winner does not confirm the prize within three working days, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be determined through a new selection process.

2.4. The participant agrees that, in the event of a win, his/her name, the winning entry (e.g. social media post) and the circumstances of the win and, if necessary, a photo of him/her may be used and published by the organizer for advertising purposes becomes.

2.5. Participants in a competition can be:

2.5.1. natural persons (= people, B2C) who register for the respective competition and meet the other further conditions of participation. Persons residing in Austria who are at least 18 years old at the time of participation are eligible to participate.

2.5.2. legal entities (= companies, B2B) who register for the respective competition and meet the other further conditions of participation. The organizer is entitled to assume that the management has given consent to participate when registering.

2.6. Notification will be made via email or via the respective social media platform.

3. Collaborations

3.1. NUFFINZ GmbH can organize competitions with partner companies, with Nuffinz GmbH being the organizer of the competition. In this case, the partner company can also be the recipient of the participants' personal data, which will be stated in the respective terms and conditions of participation. The partner company is liable as its own responsible person.

3.2. NUFFINZ GmbH can advertise competitions run by other organizers without being the organizer itself. This circumstance is stated separately in the conditions of participation; any conditions of participation of the partner company apply. NUFFINZ GmbH is entitled to evaluate the personal data with or without the cooperation of the partner company.

4. Social media

4.1. If a competition is offered via a social media platform, NUFFINZ GmbH is the organizer of the competition. There is never a connection to the respective social media platform and is neither sponsored, endorsed or organized by the social media platform. The guidelines of the social media platform remain unaffected and additionally applicable. The participant can delete his/her social media post at any time.

4.2. If a winner can be determined through the information provided by the participants within the social media platform, the social media platform remains the sole recipient. NUFFINZ GmbH only evaluates the data on the social media platform and does not save it itself. The winner will be notified via the social media platform.

4.3. If the evaluation of the information provided by the participants requires storage by NUFFINZ GmbH, the deletion periods in point 6 apply. The winner will be notified via the social media platform.

5. Exclusion from the competition, cancellation and changes to the competition

5.1. In the event of a culpable violation of the conditions of participation, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant with immediate effect.

5.2. Employees of the organizer and other people involved in the conception and implementation of the individual competitions are excluded from participation.

5.3. The organizer is entitled to cancel the competition without prior notice and immediately for good cause. The competition may also be discontinued due to force majeure or other legal reasons.

6. Data security and data protection

6.1. The personal data will be processed by the organizer in compliance with data protection regulations, will not be published and will only be used to carry out the competition and to hand over the prize. The personal data will only be stored until the prize has been handed over. The personal data of non-winners will then be deleted. The winner will be saved for 7 years.

6.2. Processed personal data of participants in competitions aimed at natural persons can be:

6.2.1. full name, participation in the competition, email address, answer to the prize question if applicable, social media channel and username if applicable;

6.2.2. For winners, additional address for prize delivery. In the case of collaborations, the full name and, depending on the winnings, the address or email address are passed on to partner companies.

6.3. For competitions aimed at legal entities:

6.3.1. The participating company registers with a non-personal email address (e.g. office@firma.at ). If the company provides a personal email address, it ensures that the necessary consent to the data transfer has been given and that Nuffinz GmbH may use the personal data for the purpose of the competition.

6.4. The person responsible for data processing is NUFFINZ GmbH, Wälderstr. 61, 6900 Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria reachable at hello@nuffinz.com

6.5. Please send your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, namely the right to information, to correction, to deletion, to restriction, to data portability or to object to processing or further questions about data protection by email to hello@nuffinz.com

6.6. Further information about your rights and data protection at Nuffinz GmbH can be found at https://nuffinz.com/en/pages/privacy-policy

7. Other

7.1. Competitions cannot be combined with other promotions. The right to win is not transferable and does not entitle you to exchange or return previously purchased goods and/or services from Nuffinz GmbH or the partner company. Cash payout, change or exchange of the prize are excluded.

7.2. The prize will generally be handed over at the organizer's discretion at one of its locations, at the location of the competition, or the prize will be sent by post or email.

7.3. The participant is responsible for all operating, additional, repair and/or other follow-up costs arising from the prize or its receipt or use.

7.4. Legal recourse is excluded.

7.5. Questions about the competition can be directed to hello@nuffinz.com .

7.6. If individual provisions of the terms and conditions of participation are or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. The invalid provision will be replaced by a regulation that is appropriate in the individual case and which most closely corresponds to the purpose of the invalid provision.

7.7. Austrian law applies.

Nuffinz GmbH

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Email: hello@nuffinz.com