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Ben Beholz

If you're a kitesurfer from German-speaking Europe, you probably know Ben. Otherwise, you should definitely check out his YouTube channels, where he not only shows a lot of passion for the sport, but also an inspiring attitude to life.

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Ben Beholz ❤️ Nuffinz

We asked kitesurfer and YouTuber Ben Beholz what he loves about our products and in this video he answered (sorry only in German).

Yes, we have to admit that we fished a bit for compliments. 🤷 😅

  • Slimane, Morocco

    "I love the Nuffinz shorts for their unique and crazy style. This is my thing!" water sports enthusiasts

  • Linus, Germany

    “Yes, tennis socks also go great with Nuffinz, don't they? And the good thing is: also with everything else.” Kid from the moon, model and photographer.

  • Stephen, Germany

    "Freedom is the ability to do what you want, when you want, where you want. That's why I feel extremely free in the amazing clothes from Nuffinz. Fresh, comfortable and - yes - free... you know what I do think." hobby farmer

  • Nuffinz Shorts Deep Jungle Striped Rajitah

    Rajitah, Sri Lanka

    "Incredibly soft cotton shorts, love them!" Artist, bar boss and passionate kitesurfer.

  • Nuffinz Hoodie Nugget Gold Giel Vlugt

    Giel, Netherlands

    "It doesn't matter whether it's a hoodie or shorts, Nuffinz products are a must-have after every kite session." Kitesurfer & Big Air Boss

  • Nuffinz Shorts Sunshine Yellow Striped T-Shirt New Pope White Hans Figueroa

    Hans, Germany

    "I like the Nuffinz shorts because they are comfortable to wear - ideal for my yoga sessions." yoga teacher

  • Nuffinz Shorts Bluesteel Striped Roberto

    Roberto, Italy

    "Molto bene! Super comfortable shorts and cool people at Nuffinz. Everything just fits." Italian kitesurf instructor, owner of Ceylon Kite Surf Ranch in Kalpitya, Sri Lanka.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Ocean Blue Striped T-Shirt White Francesco Carlucci

    Francesco, Italy

    "What could be nicer than relaxing by the sea after a kite session with your nuffins." kitesurfer

  • Nuffinz Shorts Silver Blue Striped Justin Eaton Tattoosurfnomad

    Justin, Germany

    "Since I live full time in my bus, comfortable clothing is essential! With Nuffinz I have found the perfect shorts for driving and chilling, just ultra comfortable!" tattoo artist and lives in his van.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Sunshine Yellow Hoodie Gold Flame Mokka Spectrum

    Mocha Spectrum, Germany

    “Nuffinz, because comfort is just as important at work as it is at home! As a model/DJ and all-round artist, it is essential for me to feel free and to stay in my creative processes. Show your balls, wear Nuffinz! Posing made easy!” Model, DJane, stylist, artist

  • Nuffinz T-Shirt New Pope White Sebastian

    Sebastian, Austria

    "Whether it's on the BMX, playing with my daughter or chilling on the couch, the Nuffinz clothes are super comfortable and very stylish! I just always feel like I'm on vacation! Really great." BMX artist

  • Nuffinz Shorts Eggplant Striped Rob Bourbon

    Rob, Germany

    “These shorts are rock 'n' roll! Comfortable, cool look and I wear them no matter where and after what kind of sport…”. Crazy nice tattoo artist, graphic designer and musician.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Deep Jungle Striped T-Shirt White Emmanuel

    Emmanuel, Austria

    “These shorts are definitely made for the good times after a session! Super comfy, feels like a towel around your hips.” Kitesurf madman and model.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Rust Orange Striped Jacopo Naldoni

    Jacobo, Italy

    “Wear nothing underneath? I like that. Because the organic cotton terry cloth is used inside out, it feels great!” Kitesurf Instructor IKO and co-founder of @happykitecamp

  • Nuffinz Nugget Gold Hoodie Silver Blue Striped Shorts Georg Kainrath

    George, Austria

    "Nuffinz on, stress off" - for me the Nuffinz shorts are the lifestyle away from the water that suits my kiteboarding life: chilled, super comfortable and just #freeyourballs all day long. In life on the bus, by the sea and at home, according to the motto "Nuffin else matters". kitesurfer

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Nuffinz Gold Flame Hoodie Smokey Olive Pants Vanrebelz

Living in a van

Thomas (Van Rebelz)

"Especially with full-time life in a van, quality and sustainability are huge issues - with so little closet space, only the best stuff gets to stay."

VanRebelz' Instagram

VanRebelz' visit to the Nuffinz HQ (german only)

  • Manuel, Switzerland

    "I'll make it short: the shorts are really cool and really comfortable. Plus a lot of freedom of movement". Cool guy and very talented skater, slacker and juggler.

  • Alvaro, Switzerland

    "As a former graphic designer and graffiti artist, the Nuffinz logo was the first thing that caught my eye. The Towel Shorts have then still been fully convinced. The perfect shorts for skateboarding sessions or to chill after surfing or at home. Nuffin better than Nuffinz !" globetrotter

  • Antonio, Italy

    “When I wear my Nuffinz I really like the soft feeling of organic cotton on my skin and as well the style. Simple, but with a lot of different colors that match perfectly.” kitesurfer

  • Aaron, Germany

    "Nuffinz are just unbeatable when it comes to a full-time van life! Whether after the kite session, during a short workout or just for hanging out in the van, you just happen to always wear the perfect clothes." Van life, kite surfers

  • Nuffinz Shorts Eggplant Striped Pas

    Pas, Spain

    "I like the Nuffinz shorts, because the quality of the product and the design are unique. Perfect after a workout or kite session." Kitesurfer, Cool Guy, Avocado Lover

  • Greg, France

    "Nuffinz are everywhere with me. Doesn't matter if it's before or after a kite session. Nuffinz are the perfect combination of 100% organic materials and an easy lifestyle. I'll never get tired of wearing them!" kitesurfer

  • Nuffinz Shorts Ebony Striped Frederic

    Frederic, Germany

    "Coming back from the water nuffinz is the best choice for relaxing with a big smile. It feels like wearing only a towel." German doctor and walking kitesurfing encyclopedia.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Tiger Striped Sergio

    Sergio, Spain

    "Wearing them really a lot. They always travel with me!" Globetrotting spaniard to be found in all top surf and kitesurf spots on the planet.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Blue Steel Striped Longsleeve New Pope White Tim Reinisch

    Tim, Germany

    “Nuffinz shorts are perfect after a session. Really comfy, with an extra bag for your smartphone and of course wearable without underwear.” Kitesurfer, traveler and curious soul.

  • Nuffinz Pants Mirage Blue Hoodie Gold Nugget Frank Lübke

    Frank, Germany

    "As a fashion & people photographer, I am always looking for the "New Perspective". Creativity for me is always movement, that's why I love my Nuffinz and wear them on my shoots - easy & cool. Free your mind - keep on moving ." photographer

  • Nuffinz Blue Fog Towel Shorts ST Blue Fog T-Shirt Print Vincent Lammert Handstand

    Vincent, Germany

    "For me the pants are very comfortable, and I like the fact that they are produced sustainably. The Nuffinz products also have a nice vibe beautifully apart from the typical fashion stuff." Handstand acrobat and photographer

  • Nuffinz Shorts Ebony Striped Navy Blue T-Shirt Richard Kingman

    Richard, New Zealand

    "From the ocean to the beach, these shorts are seriously comfy, free balling has never felt so good." Kiwi riding the waves wherever the wind takes him.

  • Hamid, Morocco

    "These shorts are awesome after kitesurfing, but also for workout sessions at the gym." Multilingual kitesurfing instructor at the Kitesurfing Lanka, Sri Lanka.

  • Nuffinz Shorts Bluesteel Striped Wolf

    Wolfgang, "The Wolf", Austria

    “I'm literally wearing my Nuffinz 24/7. For going out, for chilling out, sometimes even for sleeping or for just to hang out at home.” Ski Instructor and dedicated Vespa lover.

  • André Cold Urban, Germany

    "Free your balls is not just a claim, it's a promise." Art Director & Mover at Levitation Arts.

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