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Why we make nuffinz I

2017. Kitesurfing trip to Tarifa, Spain. A gorgeous day, a great kite session - but no comfortable shorts to wear afterwards. The kind of shorts you want to wear after an awesome session on the water to chill and hang out. Meaning after board. Or after sport. Shorts to come down, to relax, to hang out - whether in the hammock, at the bar or while having a beer with friends on the beach. Shorts that feel like a fluffy towel, loosey-goosey around the hips - and best of all with nothing underneath. You know what we mean, right? Yes, exactly these kind of shorts.

In a local lifestyle store, Nuffinz founder Andreas finds something that comes close to this idea. "Admittedly with stripes, in a bright colour and not really of high quality, but still kind of awesome. The sad part of the story: after years of wearing them, the shorts were worn out. And he never found this unique piece, most probably cobbled together in a backyard somewhere in Bali, anywhere again.

Why we make nuffinz II

Inspired by his favourite shorts, he just decided to simply create these shorts with support of a designer friend by himself. With a new cut, high quality fabric and workmanship and new features. The prototype was ready. In the meantime the idea came up: "Why not start a label and produce exactly these shorts?" That was the birth of Nuffinz - and the beginning of a journey that continues until today. We teamed up with people who understand materials, design, cuts, prototypes and production. We learned how to make shorts, where to get the best fabric and what fittings are. We invested heart and soul, sweat and countless hours. We looked for investors and created a brand. In short: we have not only created the shorts, we also developed ourselves further.

All the incredible things that happened to us on our journey subsequently led to us having the chance to switch to 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in 2019, which we were more than happy to take. And a lot else happened too. The result: shorts that are comfy as f*ck, sustainably made and made from 100% organic cotton.

Ultimately, it's all about doing things you love, make sense and make people happy.


Imagine a huge stretch in a comfy bed with clean sheets, while having a foot massage from a surprisingly strong old lady with soft hands, with a sea breeze blowing gently through the window and a fluffy panda bear sitting in the corner serenading you with his ukulele. That has to be the comfiest feeling in the world, right? Well, almost. It’s comfy, but it’s not as comfy as this pair of shorts that you will own. Nuffin’ is comfier.


You know that feeling when you need to pee? Like really need to pee? You're not sure if you are gonna make it, but then you realize you are in the forest and this whole place is yours for the taking, and so you drop 'em and let it flow! Comfiest feeling in the world, right? It feels amazing but not as amazing as these shorts.


Nuffinz is derived from “nuffin’“ (informal Nothing, Not anything) underneath”. Shorts for men, which are so comfy you don’t need to wear any underwear below. Some even say they #freeyourballs. We are here to make life fun and show you how organic comfiness really feels.

100% organic cotton

From 2019 all the cotton we use is 100 % organic, certified by GOTS. By choosing organic cotton we're saving more than 2000 litres of water per pair of shorts and are reducing carbon emissions by 46 % compared to standard cotton. Your Nuffinz shorts come along free of all chemical sh***t like pesticides, fertilizers or insecticides. Good for your skin, good for your consciousness. All these things are harming our environment and the people who live or work in it. We want to do things right, in a sustainable way. The journey just begun.


We are no certificate junkies by any means. But there is one certificate, that means a hell of a lot to us: the 100 % organic cotton we use is certified by GOTS – the Global Organic Textile Standard. That means nuffin’ more than that our Nuffinz shorts meet the very highest standards of processing standards for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria. It also gives you credible assurances backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. That’s how we like it.


We also believe that recycling is a big part of the solution as well. That’s why our packaging is made of biodegradable plastic (d2w) which looks and feels like conventional plastic and can be recycled when collected. However, if it escapes the bin and ends up as litter it would still degrade and biodegrade – just like nature’s waste.


Do you like reasonable working hours and to be treated fairly? Do you enjoy a safe working environment and a fair wage? At Nuffinz we definitely do. For us, our entire supply chain is treated like family too. We’re proud to work with our partner Egedeniz Textiles from the Izmir region in the West of Turkey, where our organic cotton is being grown. The family-run business started back as early as 1900 as a part of Kadioglu Group with cotton tradition and ginning. From the start until now Egedeniz Textiles, which is certified by GOTS, OCS and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index, partners with the farmers, spinners, knitters, weavers, and dyers to achieve a fully transparent supply chain.


My name is Andreas and I am the founder of Nuffinz. I am Swiss and grew up in Austria, close to the Swiss and German border by the beautiful Lake Constance. I started snowboarding and wakeboarding pretty young, we have some fabulous mountains and this enormous lake at our doorstep. That said, it was kitesurfing that grabbed me the most. I am not a pro, I don't do the crazy handle-pass rotations and other stuff. I just like to ride and sometimes I like to fly. Nuffinz was born from the idea to design ultra-comfy clothing for the time when you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Nuffinz is derived from "nuffin' underneath" – our shorts are so comfy you won't want to wear any underwear below. Some even say they free your balls.


One of our core assets is the people we meet. Nuffinz is a family, a unique bond of strangers who become friends and ambassadors for what we’re about. Connected by the fact that they all love super comfy shorts. These are the guys who know what the feeling of the world’s comfiest shorts is all about. Meet them here.

The allies in this madness

There are many friends that help nuffinz to grow. But instead of listing them all here we will do a big group picture when we are fortunate enough to bring them all in one place to celebrate.

Meanwhile here are the main protagonists:


Kitesurfer, DJ, Founder – in that order.


Fashion Designer – bounds fabrics to her will.


Graphic Designer – makes everything pop!


Copywriter & Storyteller – must be attached to a keyboard to function.


Creative Director – equipped with a crazy but high functioning mind.


Marketing & PR – basically a siren of the modern age.


Online Marketing Manager – uses some kind of black magic.


Social Media Manager – spending time on Instagram means he’s not procrastinating.
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